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I love being outside and taking photographs of “Nature’s beauty.” My photographs reflect this by being mostly outdoor scapes and floral shots. We have so much beauty here in East Tennessee to enjoy and through photography we can enjoy it over and over every day.

I use archival papers, mats and pigment inks to produce my photographs. I print my own photographs as well as doing my own matting and framing. My printer has nine ink cartridges giving my photographs an excellent color gamut. It has four separate black ink cartridges (matte black, light black, light-light black and photo [gloss] black) for excellent black and white photographs. I print on various types of media, standard photo papers as well as canvas, watercolor and fine art papers. I do all of my photography using a Digital SLR camera.

With today’s photographic technologies and my talent I’m able to create artistic photographs that can be enjoyed by all for decades.
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Address221 Amherst Lane
Crossville, TN 38558
United States
Daytime phone(931) 456-7007
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Contact me, Thomas Whitehurst, if you would like to have a professionally mounted Photograph or, something new, photos on thin sheets of specially coated Aluminum. They are breathtaking.
For sizes and pricing my contacts are: my phone Number is (931) 456-7007 and my email is tomkats1@comcast.net.
Thank you, Tom

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